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What, Another Coffee Website?

As I delved ever deeper into the world of coffee, I soon discovered that a great many of the coffee fan(atics) I came across, were, like me, wireheads as well. I guess it makes sense. After all, if you develop a love affair with coffee that has taken you into the world of homeroasting, and you are spending enough money on coffee and its paraphernalia for it to have its own line item in your household budget, then you are probably odd (maybe even geeky) in other ways, too.

I have no desire to reinvent the wheel, but over time, I've thought a lot about coffee and the process of turning a handful of pale green seeds from a tree grown thousands of miles away from my home in Western Canada into my favourite beverage. I've written a bit about it as I participated in various coffee communities, and wirehead that I am, it made a certain sense to me to gather some of what I have written and plunk it onto a website.

Thus, on the last day of 2006, was born Coffee Crone.

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